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Together OT provides occupational therapy assessment and therapy to children aged between 3 - 18 years.  Regular therapy sessions occur at the clinic in Deakin. We can help children with the following areas.

Children Running

Gross motor abilities

Coordination, running, crossing arms & legs over the centre of the body, balance and planning movements are essential for writing, playing, attention and much more.

Fine motor abilities

Using our hands to play and work with items is key life skill.  It helps with dressing, eating and tying shoelaces to name a few.

Child Playing
Boy Coloring


So many elements go into handwriting.  We must use our hands, cross the middle of our body, maintain concentration, multitask, learn letters and much more.

Play and Social Skills

Play is the primary occupation of children! It is how we learn to manage emotions, adapt, create, share, communicate and so much more.

Little Boy Playing Doctor
Kids Playing on the Couch

Sensory Processing

How our bodies unconsciously notice and respond to the senses around and in us is the foundation for learning, play, communication, motor skills and emotional regulation.

Emotional Regulation

A key skill for life! Learning to manage our emotions in day-to-day activities supports us to engage in meaningful activities.

Child Model
School Supply

School Readiness

Build skills needed to attend school such as play, attention, handwriting and managing transitions.

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